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Save the date now: 35th Annual Norfolk Waterfront Jazz Festival
Hampton Roads' longest running outdoor Jazz Festival returns for two nights along the Downtown Norfolk Waterfront on July 14th and 15th. ... Read More
Wainwright wins Urban Community of the Year in 2015
In 2015, the Wainwright Downtown received the very distinguished honor of being named the Urban Community of the Year by the Apartment Community Excellence Council! ... Read More
Drucker & Falk Real Estate featured in DDC Journal Spring 2015
Drucker & Falk Real Estate featured in Spring 2015 Edition of DDC Journal for impressive work on the historic Wainwright of downtown Norfolk, Virginia. ... Read More
10 Tips for Living on a Budget
If you’ve got goals to go big in life, you’ll need to start now to fund your way. Take a hint from us, and try out these 10 Tips for Living on a Budget. We’re confident you’ll be thanking us all the way to the bank. ... Read More
5 Tips for Saving Energy this Spring and Summer
Curious about how to keep your home comfortable without blowing your monthly utilities budget? Try out these 5 Tips for Saving Energy this Spring and Summer, and shave a few dollars off of your next utilities bill. ... Read More
Say YES to Renter's Insurance
Every renter should have renter’s insurance. Most renters choose to pass on renter’s insurance initially, believing that their landlord’s policy will cover their possessions, but in fact, renter's must have coverage of their own. Most policies are incredibly inexpensive, ranging from roughly $200-$300 a year, or $10-$25 a month, depending on the policy. Renter’s insurance policies cover you if your electronics, books, furniture or other belongings/valuables are damaged or destroyed by fire or theft. ... Read More